We work hard

At CTB Global creativity and hard work are at the core of everything we do. We provide sales solutions with a unique creative angle and are confident that our hard-working team will deliver the results you are looking for. We bring this unique energy into to everything we do making sure our contractors are ready to address any problem.

Our company is built on people, and we firmly believe that the best marketing strategies are best executed in person, face to face. We want every customer interaction to be memorable, and we make sure during our recruitment process that we locate and hire the most creative minds.
02/Guaranteed ROI
CTB Global was established to address the current disconnect between buyer and seller that has emerged in the digital age. We provide a guaranteed ROI and think this is down to the practical training we offer our contractors. Our ability to tell a story during a sale sets us apart in the industry; we continuously aspire to create and tailor new stories and sales solutions for our clients.
We are run by the desire to revolutionize the sales industry and in turn exceed all our client’s expectations. Business is on our mind, but we are not just a company. We envision ourselves as a hub built to nurture the best sales talent in the country and are keen to help create the next generation of successful young entrepreneurs move forward with their careers.
At the core of our company culture is the idea that creativity and grit are essential for sales success. We are a forward thinking direct sales and marketing firm who strongly consider thinking outside the box is key to success in life.
We see our workforce as a collective of talented, like-minded individuals who can tap into their creative energy to create solutions for both
themselves and the company as a whole. Our network is expansive and collaborative, as we implore each of our workforces to provide their creative solutions to sales situations on a regular basis. We are a hive, ready to solve our client’s sales solutions through the collaborative and innovative process.

Do you want to control your future? Not have it dictated to you.

Do you want to work in a collective of creative minds?

Do you have a sports-minded mentality?

If you answered yes to each of these questions, you would fit right in. We want you to work with us. So that you know, we differentiate ourselves from other sales firms with the opportunities and incentives we provide for our contractors.

Sales are at the forefront of our business, but the people behind those sales are what matters, and we recognize this within our business development programme. Those with entrepreneurial aspirations will get the most out of their time with the company. Our business development programme is designed to help ambitious young professionals learn how they can take control of their entrepreneurial journey with in-depth coaching on communication, organization and leadership.

Further to this, we want to help each of our workforces expand their horizons and offer a wealth of opportunities. If international travel, attendance to prestigious industry awards and exposure to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry sounds good, we want to work with you. Simple.

Start your journey with us today and join the CTB Global network.

Benefits of our service

Tailored Sales Interactions

Our experience in the field gives us the capacity to tailor our marketing approach directly to the client. We are confident that we quickly realize the optimum demographic and efficiently interact with them in a personal manner to customize their experience to the product.

Speed to Market

Our experience affords us the capability to reach target markets effectively. Once a strategy is agreed, turnaround times on execution is around 48 hours.  By syncing with existing sales teams within your organization, new customers are registered immediately through a seamless extension of your existing services.

Improved ROI

Free consultations are available to gauge the costing of our services. We are confident in our ability to produce the result and therefore offer a pay per result package for anyone who’s sceptical. With a guaranteed ROI, it makes perfect sense as to why businesses are taking advantage of abolishing overheads including recruiting and training.

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