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How could my brand benefit from CTB Global Inc.’s services?

At CTB Global Inc. we believe that most effective way to generate sales is through in-person customer communication. This approach drives instant engagement with your brand and offers scope to tailor your marketing message so that it meets the immediate needs of each potential customer. This allows CTB Global Inc. to deliver highly personalised buying experiences, and with the aid of our ever-growing sales and marketing force, we can manage your campaign across multiple marketing territories; generating widespread brand awareness.

In today’s digital world, do I really need to market my brand in-person?

The click-through rate of online banner advertisements is an underwhelming 2.1% (HubSpot). 54 % of today’s consumers don’t trust online advertisements, and 58% claim that the advertisements they see are not relevant to their needs or interests. An in-person marketing approach ensures that your marketing message is always personalised and relevant to your audience. Furthermore, having the opportunity to interact with a knowledgeable brand representative directly can dramatically improve consumer trust.

I’m Interested in working with you, what opportunities do you offer?

At CTB Global Inc. our mission is to give our clients maximum exposure. To do this we are continually looking for focused, enthusiastic individuals to join us so that we can launch our campaigns in as many locations as possible. We recognise we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the hard work and support of our sales and marketing representatives, so all our opportunities offer progression potential. Our business model facilities personal growth, allowing our representatives to take control of their own success. We aim to give everyone the building blocks to become future leaders of our industry through direct coaching, skills workshops and one on one support.

Still got a question for us?

At CTB Global Inc. we offer a wide range of services and opportunities to help brands and industry professionals alike thrive.

If you would like to know more about CTB Global Inc., we’re always on hand to answer your questions. Contact us today, we aim to respond within 48 hours.